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Welcome to Legal Brew.
My mission is to help you
demystify law + lawyering.

Hi! I’m Candice. I started out life as a lawyer.

There is a LOT that law school doesn’t teach you about legal practice in the real world. For those who never set foot in the law school (except to use the excellent library facilities), there is even more mystery about the law.

Whatever category you fall into, Legal Brew is here to demystify law (and its practice) for you.*

As someone once famously said:

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin

About me

My first real job was in the litigation team at Corrs Chambers Westgarth. Until recently, I was a judge’s associate at the Supreme Court of Victoria. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

Prior to lawyer-life, I worked in a number of casual jobs, from being a retail assistant in a bakery, to a phone-interviewer collecting survey information, to an online course assistant in the Astrophysics Department at Swinburne University, to an Economics tutor at the University of Melbourne.

So why are you doing this?

There is too much mystery surrounding law and its practice.

Unfortunately, most of the time – the only way that you can find out about anything is to ask a friend, frequent Whirlpool / #askreddit, or type random searches into Google.

Legal Brew is a culmination of a few years of being asked the same or similar questions by students, people considering law, or people just curious about how it works in practice. I am pretty excited to start dispelling some myths about legal practice.

Tell me more!

Curious? Ask me a question and each week I will pick something to answer.

So, for the serious stuff…

[*] The content presented on Legal Brew is purely informational. Unfortunately, I cannot give you legal advice. Check out the Terms of Use for more information.

Also, any views expressed are my own.